Diversity and Inclusion

Connecting with each other's values and creating an inclusive culture where we all feel we belong

What is Diversity & Inclusion?

Our mission for Diversity and Inclusion is to unite the company as ONE team where we all feel we belong and to make measureable strides towards improving the ways we work together and build a more inclusive culture. The Diversity and Inclusion committee at Telstra works to create discussions and events, which allow us to explore topics that are important to our people so that individual voices can be heard, understood and accepted. We are committed to creating an atmosphere where everyone feels open to sharing ideas and collaborating at all levels in a fully open and accepting environment.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Mission Statement:

Connecting with each other’s values and creating an inclusive culture where we all feel we belong.

Why is Diversity & Inclusion Imperative at Telstra?

D&I matters because the thoughts, feelings, education and betterment of our people matter. We strive to provide avenues for self-expression and programming that help us look at ourselves objectively to make needed changes as well as bolster pride in what we deeply value. Our employees and customers give life, color and nuance to our corporate landscape. D&I provides structure and a lens in which to see and appreciate all that we are.

Brightly coloured illustration of the world map and network cables, containing the Telstra logo, and the words Team International, connected, culture, one team, and thrive.

Our commitment to our values in Diversity and Inclusion illustrate how we want to thrive and grow now and in the future to meet the diverse needs of our employees and our customers.

Workplace diversity and inclusion can reduce inequality and strengthen businesses

Diversity & Inclusion at Telstra is based on three strategic pillars

Our Customers

To leverage diversity as a business driver.

Our Communities

To be a leader in Diversity and Inclusion in the business and broader community.

Our People

To attract, recruit, engage and retain diverse talent. This includes the embedding of inclusive practices within each part of our employee life-cycle.

Diversity & Inclusion within our hiring process

We are conscious and conscientious about how we hire and we cast our nets out far and wide so we can celebrate our differences. Together we are quite the catch.

What diversity and inclusion means to us

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Building a stronger telecommunications industry
Offering a wide range of perspectives and welcoming people from all backgrounds into a workplace creates a melting pot of ideas and insights.

Telstra Employee Resource Groups on Viva Engage with a Diversity & Inclusion focus:

MOSAIC is our latest Telstra employee network focusing on celebrating Cultural And Linguistic Diversity (CALD).

This is one of the key pillars (along side with Brilliantly Connected Women, Spectrum, etc.) under our Telstra Diversity and Inclusion strategy. Its purpose is to celebrate diversity in culture and language at Telstra - acknowledging this is about our sense of wellbeing, psychological safety and belonging - and to recognize the strength and importance this brings for Telstra and to our customers.

For us in the Telstra International Business, it is particularly important to learn to embrace and celebrate CALD as it helps us collaborate with colleagues, partners, and customers from all across the world.

Spectrum is an inclusive group of LGBTI+ and LGBTI+ friendly staff.

It’s a great place to post about and find out about LGBTI+ events happening all over the world. Participants are free to mix and mingle; make friends, and offer support to colleagues.

We have a "Spectrum Council", which has representatives all across Telstra. Their role is to keep Spectrum running, and co-ordinate local activity, and focus the group on our objectives.

Brilliant Connected Women (BCW).

BCW is a place to can share ideas, support each other and network with colleagues who champion gender equality. BCW is open to all Telstra people and exists to create opportunities within Telstra for women at all levels.

Our staff in action

Women's History Month

D&I trip to The Center for Women's History at the New York Historical Society in NYC to view the Women March exhibition as well as the permanent collection during Women’s History Month. Pictured outside the Historical Society in front of the Frederick Douglass statue.

First Step Program

Telstra volunteers teach a LinkedIn how-to for the First Step Program at Coalition for the Homeless in NYC.


Telstra proudly participates in PRIDE events all around the United States including New York City, Washington, D.C. and San Francisco.

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