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Supporting global e-commerce expansion with software-defined networking

At a time when your customers’ experience is the difference between a successful business and the rest, the importance of flexible, available, and efficient connectivity cannot be overstated.

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Making virtual design collaboration easy and scalable with a global, agile network

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Delivering a unified and secure user experience through a one-stop networking solution

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Bridging the technology gap and delivering exceptional customer experiences

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Delivering live tennis action via Telstra’s global media network

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Accelerating Growth in Asia-Pacific

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Three ways to ace your client engagement

Three ways to ace your client engagement: While communications using multi-channel platforms provides opportunities for social selling like never before. The question for businesses now is: how do you cut through the noise and fatigue for the most effective customer engagement?

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Asian connectivity moves East

Shifts in policy and regulation have resulted in a range of trans-Pacific subsea cable reconfigurations in the telecommunications market. The Pacific Light Cable Network (PLCN), Bay to Bay Express (BtoBE), and Hong Kong Americas (HKA) systems have all been reconfigured or are in the process of reconfiguring their routes to land in either Taiwan or Philippines.

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The connections behind every click

After spending much of 2020 in front of a screen for work or interacting with family and friends, online activity is probably the last topic you want to read about. But it’s been top and foremost on our minds all year, especially now that we’re deep into the busiest online period of the year: the holidays.

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Dr. Seuss Nailed It – Almost!

Salespeople all have their different styles and techniques, but most would (or at least should) agree that building a successful sales reputation hinges on strong customer and team relationships based on trust, credibility, transparency and reliability.

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