Telstra in the Americas

    How Telstra connects businesses in the Americas to Asia’s growth opportunities.

    The Telstra Octagon

    Comprising eight of the world’s most valuable futures marketplaces, the Telstra Octagon is an ultra-low latency connection to some of the world’s leading futures exchanges. Empower your trading strategy to thrive in a global market.

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    Supporting global e-commerce expansion

    Discover how Telstra partnered with one of the world's most successful e-commerce platforms to support global expansion with software-defined networking

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    NAB 2020 – A Telstra Digital Experience

    Telstra is committed to supporting the broadcast media industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about how Telstra can help your business deliver your content around the globe.

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    Experts in Asia

    Telstra’s long history in Asia - a lot more than just cables and PoPs.

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    Flexible Working and Adaptive Infrastructure

    Read the white paper to prepare for the new normal post-pandemic.

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    Explore Industries

    Technology and Media

    Technology and media companies like yours are changing the world. But you can’t change the world if you don’t connect to it.

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    Financial Services

    When you think about trading futures in Asia, you should think about Telstra.

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    Connect your customers to some of the world’s fastest growing markets on our global network.

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    Telstra Broadcast Services

    Deliver exceptional content around the world with the support of Telstra Broadcast Services.

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    Telstra Partner Program

    Partner with us today to grow your customer base, profits, and brand demand across Asia and beyond.

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    Federal Government

    Telstra offers US federal agencies a trusted route to Asia Pacific and the rest of the world.

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    Our solutions

    Global Internet

    Optimise your access to customers with a high-capacity, cloud-enabled efficient internet access globally.

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    Point-to-Point Private Lines

    Get dedicated, secure, low-latency and high-capacity connectivity and fast, flexible performance for your unique business needs.

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    Virtual Private Networks

    Discover a world of opportunity with agile, secure virtual private network services delivered on a highly resilient, scalable global network.

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    Telstra Programmable Network

    Make your network a competitive advantage with the industry’s first globally connected on-demand networking platform.

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    Software-Defined Network

    Flexible network solution to support digital transformation in businesses.

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    Extend your reach in areas with limited to no network coverage and connect your remote sites to key locations with our Satellite Services.

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    News and Insights

    The facility that keeps Asia connected amid a pandemic

    Find out how Telstra manages optical cables under the sea that carry 99 percent of the world’s Internet traffic with a surge in demand during COVID.

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    Keeping the world online during COVID-19

    Find out how Telstra's network stays strong, connected and resilient for not only our customers, but our customers’ customers.

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    How Telstra supports technology and media companies targeting Asia for growth

    Technology companies, who deliver services entirely online, are so integral to how we live, work and play today. Telecommunications providers like Telstra have been connecting companies and people around the world for decades.

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    Ensure business continuity globally during Covid-19

    Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, working remotely, facilities closures and supply chain disruptions have become the new business normal.

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