Telstra at NAB21

Networks and operations built for broadcasters and media rights holders

2020 was a transformative year for the media and broadcast industry – for Telstra, too! Recently, we acquired MediaCloud, opened our first broadcast operations center in North America, and expanded our existing media networks to deliver more content than ever before. Ready to access the world? Come visit us at the National Association of Broadcasters 2021 in booth C1316 or check out what’s new below. 

Network capabilities to suit all your needs

Telstra has one holistic network comprising of terrestrial and subsea fiber, satellite teleports and IP backbone, all of which connect into over 200 countries. The team at Telstra Broadcast Services (TBS) customised Telstra’s media capable networks into three network platforms that meet the industries’ needs.

Global Media Network

Let Telstra connect you to major global markets and rights-holders and deliver engaging content experiences to viewers across the globe via high capacity media and telco networks including fiber, satellite IP and cloud.

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Special Events Network

Telstra provides a bespoke managed network solution for major events requiring the highest level of redundancy, planning, design and rapid execution, as well as advanced onsite and remote management.

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Internet Delivery Network

Take advantage of our internet based video delivery network for content requiring an economic solution with scalability and/or transportation to regions with minimal infrastructure or incident prone areas.

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Media and broadcast companies we work with

  • “Our partnership with Telstra started off strong in 2019 and it has flourished ever since. We trust Telstra to distribute major media rights holders’ content around the globe – specifically to high-value international media markets such as Europe and Asia – and they consistently deliver. We continue to work with Telstra because of the expansive reach and reliability of their Global Media Network, their strong relationships with in-region broadcasters, and their unmatched fiber network. As proof of a real partnership, Telstra has also trusted us to manage their first broadcast operations center in North America. I can’t wait to see what else we do together.”

    Clint Bergeson, General Manager, PSSI Global Services, LLC

Getting started with Telstra Broadcast Services

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